Here are links to some of the writing projects that I have undertaken recently. For more samples of my writing, please visit my blog. If you would like to commission a new piece, please contact me.

Book Review: Owen Strachan, Mark A. Yarhouse, Julia Sadusky, Megan K. DeFranza and Justin Sabia-Tanis, Understanding Transgender Identities: Four Views in Anglican Theological Review

Living in Love and Faith? The construction of contemporary texts of terror in Theology and Sexuality, Available at: https://doi.org/10.1080/13558358.2021.1954864

Transgender. Christian. Human. – Wild Goose Publications (ionabooks.com)

Spacious church | Reform Magazine (reform-magazine.co.uk)

My trans calling | Reform Magazine (reform-magazine.co.uk)

I am… transgender | Reform Magazine (reform-magazine.co.uk)

A good question: What do you do about the bits of the Bible you don’t like? | Reform Magazine (reform-magazine.co.uk)

Voices of Hope – March 12th 2019 | ViaMedia.News

Alex Clare-Young, Author at The Christian Student Guide

Transgender Day of Remembrance (PDF download) – Wild Goose Publications (ionabooks.com)

The Adventure is Beginning – Wild Goose Publications (ionabooks.com)

In Love With the Life of Life – Wild Goose Publications (ionabooks.com)

Paper copy only:

  • ‘Being Trans: Being Christian’ in RE today: The magazine for the Religious Education Community, Spring 2021, Volume 38, No. 2.