Queering the Lectionary

‘Queering the Lectionary’ (QtL) is a resource that I am launching starting for pride month (June 2021), and hoping to continue throughout the following lectionary year (ending November 2022). QtL is based on my strong belief that every person brings their own hermeneutical lens, or way of reading, to their study of scripture. My own reading of scripture is influenced by my queer identity and my neurodiversity. I cannot read scripture without seeking to disrupt the norms and biases that are often read into it.

‘Queering’ is a term with a complex history and academic usage. At risk of over-simplification, academically, queering is often used to refer to work that intends to disrupt norms – to do things differently. In queer theologies, then, the norms of ‘traditional’ theology are questioned and/or disrupted. There are also, however, those who feel that queer theologies overlap with LGBTQ+ theologies, bringing insights from LGBTQ+ lived experience. It is important to note that there is no one way of doing queer theologies, hence the plural, and that there is no one way of being or thinking as an LGBTQ+ person. Rather, in this resource, I attempt to introduce my own perspective as a trans, queer person, to queer norms, and to consider potential pitfalls of more traditional readings.

Everything in these materials represents my own view (and, frankly, only my own view at the time of writing, as views do change!) and is not an attempt to speak for, or over, Churspacious, the URC, or other LGBTQ+ people. QtL is a personal project for me, a part of my journey of reclaiming and transforming that which has been used to force conformity. Nevertheless, I hope that this resource will also be a form of ministry that is useful to you. Feel free to use as much or as little of it as you like in your own context.

You can find QtL reflections/sermon notes for the upcoming Sundays in the drop-down menu.