Alex Clare-Young (they/them/Alex) is a pioneer minister. Alex is passionate about advocating for the inclusion of, and social justice for, all people. Alex is interested in curating safer spaces for those who are marginalised or oppressed in society and put off by church.

Alex researches, writes, teaches, speaks and consults on identity and theology. They also regularly lead workshops on inclusion and affirmation in secular and religious contexts.  They have worked as a consultant and educator for several charities, denominations, businesses, schools and universities. Alex advocates passionately for social justice, and provides advice and opinion on trans visibility, acceptance and inclusion in the UK. As a keen supporter of LGBTQ+ charities and organisations, Alex is co-chair of the Open Table Network, a trustee of Inclusive Church and a consultant for One Body One Faith and member of Creating Sanctuary

Alex is completing research at the University of Birmingham, kindly funded by the Council for World Mission, into the identities, lived experiences and theological understandings of trans people. They are also an ordained minister in the United Reformed Church, currently deployed part time to a radically inclusive, social-media based church called Churspacious. Alex’s first book, Transgender. Christian. Human.was published in 2019. They regularly write for a wide range of publications and enjoy receiving challenging commissions!

In their spare time Alex loves going for long walks on the beach or in woodland with their partner, Jo, who is a full-time minister, and their dogs Digger and Dharma, who are full-time trouble makers! Alex also enjoys long chats over cups of coffee, and good films and books. As a music graduate, Alex is a keen harpist and pianist and, when they need more creative outlets, dabbles in arts and crafts. Alex and Jo are both vegan and teetotal, and are passionate about finding ways to walk lighter and live joyfully.

“Change-making requires righteous anger in the face of injustice, courageous authenticity in the face of lies and uncompromising grace in the face of judgement.”