Good Friday Fun?

Good Friday in Cambridge was full of contradictions.

Some folks carrying crosses through the street while others shop for the best bargains… Dissonance or harmony? Frisby in the park through to sunset with the words ‘Father, forgive them’ ringing in my head from the evening service… Grace or extravagance? Churches shutting the doors to wait out a solemn night whilst people get dressed up to head into town… Faith or fear? Shots in revs with colleagues or pints with family in the Cambridge tap whilst bullets split the tarmac of city streets an ocean away… Freedom or forgetting?

My reflections aren’t intended to judge or criticise but, rather, to highlight the nuances and differences in the lenses through which we experience life and, particularly, this holy or happy weekend. As I head to Wetherspoons for a Holy Saturday fry-up, I marvel at the authentic beauty of each person I have seen, and wonder how we might live life fully together without compromise or misunderstanding.

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