We came to Iona…

We came to Iona seeking a gentle path, and we walked a labyrinthine maze. The Child darting chaotically through twists and turns.

We came to Iona hoping to be changed. And perhaps we were. But we also learnt how beautiful and strong and vulnerable and precious we are. The Creator inspecting their handiwork and, indeed, we are good.

We came to Iona seeking a smooth crossing, and we travelled on rough seas. The Creator woven in and through and in between.

We came to Iona carrying heavy bags, and we emptied them out in the company of strangers and friends. The Wild Goose stripping layers off of our emotional clothing.

We came to Iona seeking beauty and peace. And what we saw and felt was overflowing with both. But we also found boreholes and rocky climbs, hoovering and paraffin, conflict and bloody hard work. The Human in our calloused hands, touch and believe.

Gathered and scattered,

God is with us.

In hard work and bitter tears,

God is with us.

In faith and in doubt,

God is with us.

God is in us.

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