LGBTQ+ Equality in the UK

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“Michelle Snow from has provided a list of the Government’s moves on LGBT+ equality in order of when they happened (This is not an exhaustive list):

September 2020 – They abandon long promised reform of the Gender Recognition Act (after the public overwhelmingly came down in favour of reform in a public consultation)

December 2020 – Liz Truss, The Minister for Women & Equalities announces that the Government Equality Office are shifting their focus away from “identity politics” and will no longer listen to “specialist groups” who focus on “trendy” issues like racism and homophobia. She also lambasted “the Left” for failing to protect equality, citing child grooming gangs, anti-Semitism and ‘failing to protect single sex spaces’ as examples of their failure. She clearly meant failing to protect single sex spaces from Trans people.

March 2021 – Three members of the Government’s advisory panel resign. All three cite the Governments disinterest in what they had to say and their ‘hostile’ attitudes towards Trans equality as reasons.

April 2021 – The Government disbands their LGBT+ advisory panel entirely. They claim this was due to the panel’s contract expiring. Meanwhile the Charity Commission registers the homophobic & transphobic LGB Alliance as a charity. Their founding members hold views including being against LGBT+ clubs in schools; that it is fine to work with far Right homophobic groups like the Heritage Foundation, and surrogacy for gay people should be banned.

May 2021 – The Minister for Women & Equalities gives evidence at a Parliamentary Select Committee hearing. She signals that the LGBT+ Action Plan has been binned in favour of focusing on a conversion therapy ban, which may have a religious exemption and will be subject to a public consultation starting in September, and hosting an international LGBT+ conference next year. (The LGBT+ Action Plan was a 75 point plan for the Government to advance LGBT+ equality. It was partially the result of a survey of over 100,000 LGBT+ people whose needs will likely go completely ignored). She went on to announce that there will be a new Government LGBT+ panel, whilst revealing that one of the reasons for the original panel being disbanded was because she disagreed with them. Good luck to this new panel if they dare disagree with her on LGBT+ issues. She was asked if the pro-conversion therapy/anti-LGBT+ Evangelical Alliance will be involved in the planned International LGBT+ Conference. She neither confirmed nor denied their involvement. The conference’s tagline is apparently going to be “Free to be me”. Earlier in the month, the new chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission defended transphobia in The Times. The EHRC are an independent public body who are supposed to ensure the Equality Act of 2010 is enforced. The Government is responsible for appointing people to its board to oversee this. The Government have chosen to pack this board with members who have a history of anti-LGBT+ sentiments and beliefs.

June 1st 2021- The beginning of Pride Month. The Times reported that the Minister for Women & Equalities is seeking to disconnect Stonewall from working with Government departments. She justified this by citing recent ‘unreasonable’ behaviour by Stonewall. That behaviour? Standing up for the Trans community.”

Are you concerned about the erosion of LGBTQ+ rights, inclusion, and diversity? Get in touch to find out more about how we can change things together.

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