Comment for Changing Attitude

This statement was originally posted in: Living in Love & Faith (LLF) to reconsider gender identity and transition — Unadulterated Love

Alex Clare-Young, trans minister and former member of the LLF co-ordinating group, says that:

‘It is vital that churches listen to a wide range of trans and non-binary people to understand our identities and our experiences of church. I am concerned, however, that discussions about the need for a working group on gender identity and transition have not included consultation of either of the trans people who were members of the LLF co-ordinating group. There is an urgent need for clarity regarding the aims of this group and its membership. At the very least, the group should include a wide range of trans members, including transfeminine, transmasculine and non-binary people and must not be yet another source of polemical debate between those with lived experience of oppression due to gender identity and those who falsely equate theological opinion or position with said lived experience. Trans people are the current targets of misinformation, hatred and oppression in public, political, and ecclesial discourse. It is vital that organisations, including churches, begin to listen to trans people, instead of debating the validity of our authentic, God-given identities.’

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