New Life

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The church takes the cross seriously, but only in the context of a trajectory towards new life.

The church must take peoples’ suffering seriously, but only in the context of a trajectory towards hope.

The church must take dissonance seriously, but only in the context of a trajectory towards reconciliation.

Research released this week showed that 9/10 trans and non-binary folk who were subjected to so-called ‘conversion therapy’ experienced anxiety and depression and almost half attempted suicide. I am part of the 47%. After attempts at conversion prayer led by conservative Christian youth workers I experienced severe mental illness. This has to stop. This is not about the freedom to pray – it’s about psychological manipulation and spiritual abuse that is literally killing people.

How do we make sense of this in the midst of Easter?

This is not new life, this is the cross. This is not hope, this is suffering. This is not reconciliation, this is enforced dissonance.

New life is when trans and non-binary are supported in the ways that we ask to be by our families, friends and allies. Hope is when steps are taken towards making conversion therapy illegal. Reconciliation will only begin to be possible when people stop equating abusive practices with prayer. The dissonance trans and non-binary people experience will only be healed by enabling us to take steps to live authentically as the diverse people that we are in mind, body and spirit.

This Easter, bring hope to trans and non-binary people by taking steps to bring an end to conversion therapy today.

To find our how you can act now, visit

For support and community visit Churspacious, Open Table, Two:23, or One Body One Faith.

Or, get in touch.

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