Trans Day of Visibility

I have made a vlog with some of my friends and colleagues for trans day of visibility. So much thanks and credit to all of those who helped me to put this together, but any blame for error sits solely with me as editor! Please do give 15 minutes of your time to this today.

Here’s some of what you can find in the video:

  • Sarah Hobbs – Co-chair Open Table Network – speaks about what TDOV means to her
  • Poem – God is non-binary
  • Ash Brockwell introduces transverse
  • Lee Gale writes about Trans Bare All: ’10 Years, Still Here’
  • Adam Jack Holcroft writes about Rainbow & co.

God is Non-binary

God is non-binary
God is not a male name

God is fluid and free
God is not rigid and caged

God escapes punctuation
God is not a full stop

God is love
God is not hate

God is a seahorse
New life bursting forth in a celebration of creativity

God is a gnarly tree
Scarred with the passing of time and the stretching of flesh

God is the stars
Explosions that seem to twinkle outside of time

God is glitter and ash
Gritty hope interwoven with suffering

God is glittery ashy explosive stars and tree-bark and seahorse skeletal skin stretching and love and escapism and fluid and free and…

God is non-binary
Mirrored in you
Mirrored in me.

Here are the links that are shared at the end of the video:

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