People not Problems: Campaigning in 2021

As readers know, I am passionate about campaigning for trans and non-binary equality and justice. It is my experience that campaigning is at it’s best when a community of people can get behind topics and campaigns and work together to inspire, advocate for and enable change. That is why I’ve decided to outline the campaigns that I will be working on for the first six months of 2021 now – and I hope you will join me!

I will write about one campaign each month, and will suggest ways that we can work together for transformation. These vital changes won’t happen in a month – but we can take real, achievable steps that move trans and non-binary rights forward and help each-other to understand and advocate for trans and non-binary equality and justice. The campaigns will, of course, continue long after each month is over! If you are interested, follow this blog and watch this space for more each month!

January – Gender Recognition Reform Now

There has been cyclical debate about the Gender Recognition Act (GRA, 2004) throughout the past two decades. Reform is urgently needed. For an introduction to the difficulties with the GRA, click here.

February – Safer Spaces

Many public spaces are inherently unsafe for, and/or inaccessible to, trans and non-binary people. Everyone should have access to safe public spaces and facilities. For a previous blog on gendered spaces, click here.

March – Relationship Equality

The way in which relationships are described and legislated for in the UK, as well as cultural norms and assumptions, is cis-normative and effects the rights of trans and non-binary people. For more on the ‘spousal veto’, just one of the legal difficulties trans and non-binary people face in this area, click here.

April – Statistical Representation

Trans and non-binary people are not well-represented in statistics re gender justice. This foundational problem contributes to the marginalisation and silencing of trans and non-binary people. To learn more about how the UK Government classifies gender data, you could start by clicking here.

May – Safer Support

Trans and non-binary people often struggle to find support groups/services, therapists, pastoral carers, policy advisers etc who are specifically trained and committed to understanding and supporting us. I believe that this need to change. For a study which shows why this support is essential, click here.

June – Non-binary Visibility

People who identify as non-binary, or similar, experience intense stigma, a lack of safety, and poorer visibility than binary trans people. For an introduction to non-binary identities and visibility, click here.

I hope that you are able to join me on this journey towards equality and justice. Have a blessed December and I look forward to seeing you/organising and campaigning with you soon!

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