Stop Killing Us

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance and, for the first time really, I am struggling to know what to say. The words that keep coming to mind are simply ‘Stop Killing Us.’

Stop killing us… particularly Black and Latinx transwomen.

Stop killing us… particularly those whose mental health cannot take any more.

Stop killing us… particularly those who are vulnerable to spiritual and psychological abuse and manipulation.

If you aren’t aware of, and doing something about, systemic racism and sexism, please learn and act.

If you repeatedly perpetrate the myth that only only ‘men’ and ‘women’ exist, please educate yourself.

If you believe that there is no place in feminism for us, please read some Judith Butler.

If you use your power to persuade people that it is wrong to be trans or non-binary, please stop.

I know my words above are harsh, but I believe they need to be. People are dying. Three trans people committed suicide in the UK this year alone. Hundreds of trans people have been murdered around the world. And all of this violence is based on lies that many members of my religion perpetrate. I can’t say nothing. I can’t make these truths softer, or easier to hear. I feel called and duty bound to speak out, and I hope that you do too. If it hurts, I hope that you will forgive me. If I didn’t speak out, I’m not sure I could forgive myself.

Nevertheless, there is need to hope, too. It is in that spirit of hope that I offer this prayer.

God, only you know the depths of pain that trans and non-binary people are experiencing today. Hear us as we cry out to you. Bring hope and reconciliation to this wounded world.

We thankyou for the gifts of trans people. Gifts of transformation, of reconciliation, of authenticity, of liberation, of perspective, of nuance and of grace, to name but a few. May our gifts be recognised and our vocations celebrated by all.

We hold the prism of intersectionality up to the light, and ask for forgiveness where we have failed to understand or acknowledge the sin of oppression.

We commit to listening for, and prioritising, the voices of Black and Latinx, disabled, neurodiverse, and non-binary trans people.

We are listening out for prophets amidst the noise of many voices, God. We listen for truth amongst lies. We listen for reconciliation amongst words that divide. We listen for love amongst words spoken out of hate or fear.

Help us to listen. Help us to speak. Help us to transform.


Here are some of the resources that I have shared this week, for those who might find it helpful to access them in one place.

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