Churches Must Take Responsibility

Whilst Covid19 continues to reshape our lives and overwhelm our ability to make space for tragedy evil acts continue. It is ok to admit that we cannot respond as well or as much as we would like right now. There will be a time, though, that churches and people of good will must start to widen our gaze again to stand against the rest of the injustice in our world. Particularly when it has been perpetrated by those who have a belief in God.

I read a deeply upsetting article today about a trans woman, Helle Jae O’Regan, who was killed by someone who said that God sent him to kill her because she had ‘done something wrong’. The article claims that this was caused by mental illness and that it wasn’t a reaction to Helle’s trans status.

Think about it though… Would mental health problems alone cause belief in a violent punitive God? No, churches have done that. Sometimes that is implicit and sometimes that is explicit and violence against trans people is often based, knowingly or unknowingly, upon the Christian ideology that one can only be male or female and that sex and gender must align.

It’s time for churches to speak out; to take responsibility and to play our part in uncovering, holding back, and ultimately irradiating the avalanche of violence against trans people. This requires a public apology for and recanting of theologies that have harmed trans people and the active promotion of new public theologies of human being.

This is why I created this series of memes for you to share. Feel free to ask me for a copy if you would like to share them. It’s a small start, but it’s a start.

In November, I will be providing online workshops for churches and denominations every day to help us to consider how we can work together to acknowledge, repent, rewrite and speak out. Get in touch to book now, or watch this space.

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