A Decade of Change

A lot of my friends have been doing the decade challenge – posting a photo of them 10 years ago and now.

The first of these photos was just over 10 years ago. I was learning to cook in preparation for university. Within a year I was embarking on transition. The second photo was last night, as I celebrated the coming of a new year with Jo, my wife.

IMG_20200101_133838.jpgSo much has changed for me in ten years. I came out, began my transition, discerned my vocation, trained for ministry, fell in love, married, was ordained as a minister, completed three degrees and started a fourth, published my first book and moved into our first manse.

But the changes in me have been greater than any list can explain. I am well. I am content. I am not perfectly happy, nor perfectly whole, but I am moving in the right direction. You see, transition isn’t a straightforward process with a beginning and an end. It is a journey through life with eyes wide open to the potential, in any moment, for transformation.

Things have changed a lot for trans people too. In the first picture, I didn’t even know that trans people existed. Just a decade ago, we were not visible. That has changed dramatically, and is still changing.

I loved spending the transition into a new year with someone I love, witnessing to the power of light in the darkness. The light from each of our torches was tiny but, joined with thousands of others, we created a ring of light that could be seen for miles. Imagine the changes those people could enable in the world…

Where will you carry your light this year?

The light still shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it. Happy new year!

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