New Resource

The Church of Scotland has just released a new resource for the pastoral care of trans people.

I am thrilled that the Church of Scotland has created such a positive and nuanced resource. It is important to remember, when discussing identities, that we are talking about people, not an academic abstraction. I am particularly pleased that such a wide range of voices are heard in this resource, which allows trans people to share their stories in their own words. This approach helps us to remember that – just like everybody else – no two trans people are the same.

As a transmasculine person training for ministry, I strongly believe that diverse personal stories have the capacity to change the Church which may, in turn, help to change the world! I hope that other denominations will follow suit in allowing the stories of their transgender members to be heard. I also feel that a reassessment of the place of gender in theology is necessary. Whilst resources such as this one give me hope, I feel that more transgender theologians must be encouraged and allowed to share their understandings of God and of faith. We have Good News to share – listen. The Word is still speaking.

PS If you identify as trans or support someone who does please get in touch to see if I can help you to share your story or support you on your journey.

(Featured photo is of Alex speaking on being trans for Diversity Role Models)

2 thoughts on “New Resource

  1. I am hoping one day that the Church of Scotland (and other denominations) can share and promote more trans theology! I know some people who would love to be able to (including myself, to an extent). I am really glad that you like the resource – when proposing it, planning it and putting my bit into it, I was thinking of you, and it means a lot that someone I respect a lot finds it a good way to do things.

    1. Thanks, I thought I saw your name in there! I think it is a great way for a denomination to approach trans IDs. I have been writing some theology (as have others) and hope it gets somewhere. I may well be in touch when I get to the next research stage!

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